Not all Princess...

“I’m a Princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart or young. They’re still Princesses.”


     A Long time ago, in a land far away... there lived a princess who was abandoned, abused and and left at the mercy of a fire breathing dragon. Her clothes were in tatters, her body scarred and bruised.  She had been trapped in the cave for so long that she had no idea what the land had become  And she decided she had had enough, she was no longer waiting for a knight or prince to come and save her, she would have to save herself. Because not all princesses live in castles,  some live caves and dumpy apartments, some where designer gowns and others jeans and tees. Because not all princesses need saving...but all princesses can save themselves.

     I grew up in a Christian home, a Pastors home.  Before you stop reading, please know it wasn't the type of "Christian" that we currently see in the news. I was taught to love my neighbor, walk with integrity and always conduct myself as God would want me to especially towards others.  Unfortunately, nothing in the sheltered existence I grew up in prepared me for what was ahead.  

I have struggled with infertility, miscarriage, adoption, poverty, abuse and abandonment.  I have had everyone I thought I could depend on walk away, felt the destruction of infidelity, and the devastation of divorce.  I have been overcome with guilt at learning my children had been abused, and fought my way back from the brink of suicide.  It has often times been a dark and difficult journey. 

There has also been the pain of recovery, like physical therapy on a wounded limb, often more painful that the injury.  I have learned through this that it may hurt, but it will not harm me. Joy at watching my children walk through their own recovery. 

     During the last few years of my life, I have felt like a hag, a peasant, a slave but I forget that I still had a crown.  I forgot who I was, that the lies that had been spoken over my life did not define who I was.  I became the things spoken over me, because it didn't matter what I did to avoid it, that was who people believed I was.  I had forgotten I am the daughter of The King.  That I am not who others say I am.  Regardless of where your faith is,  In God, a higher power or not grounded in any religion at all, It is important to remember that you are never who others say you are.  Their lies, opinions and judgements don't define you.  Your circumstances don't define you.  Every girl is a Princess. 

     Just like the story, It was time for this Princess to roll up her sleeves, tame the dragon, slay her giants and defeat her enemies. It was clear no one was coming to her rescue.  It was time to Rescue herself.  So come along on the journey, its fraught with dangers, perils, mystery and intrigue.  Everything a good story needs.