Waiting For My Miracle

Several years ago, God spoke to me through another person in our then church community and gave me prophetic word. What the man told me immediately connected with my spirit and the things that I had already felt God speaking to me that quite frankly made no sense.  I received the word, but went home and argued with God for 3 days.  Maybe argue isn't the right word.  In that three days, the first 3 days of a 21 day Daniel fast, God allowed me to feel all the frustration, pain, despair, joy and hope that I would eventually feel through the course of the last few years.  I pleaded, begged, tried to make deals, and finally told Him "this is pointless, we both know I'm going to be obedient".  I contact a couple of close people in my life, shared the word I had received and asked for not only prayer but for accountability.  You see the Word held not only instruction, but also a warning and a promise to be fulfilled for my obedience. 

     About 4 months later, a woman in our church came to me and began confirming exactly what the first word had said  She also gave me clearer details based on things I had not shared with anyone.   This is always my way of knowing this is God speaking through someone.  When they know nothing, but seem to have details no one but God would have.  And just like the original word had said "sometime this year..." exactly 10 months to the day things began to happen.  Over the last 4 years I have watched this word unfold...not the way I had thought or the way I had hoped.  Each little piece of the puzzle, each little tidbits come to pass.  The most uncomfortable  ones being friends coming against me, people telling me this isn't what I should be doing, and the price I would eventually pay for my willingness to walk in obedience.  God didn't lead me this way blindly. I knew every step what it would cost me.  And all along the road there have been so many confirmations, just when I needed them the most.

There have been rough days, rough weeks. There have been a lot of prayers and tears.  I'm honestly not certain which would number highest, but the number of times I have broken down before the Lord, begging for an answer, begging for full breakthrough.  Do I hold on?  Do I let go? There have been times when I needed an answer straight from him and looked up and there it was right in front of me. It wasn't the answer I was waiting for.  I'm still waiting for that miracle.  It also wasn't a coincidence, nor was it something I made happen thru circumstances.  It just happened, in one of those wonderful God moments, where nothing is going right, you're in a place where you didn't plan to be at a time you didn't plan to be there and BOOM! 

I had asked for this, and God answered.  So for everyone who is waiting on a promise from God, don't give up. For those who feel hopeless, who are being encouraged to give up, to move on.  To those who think that maybe you didn't hear Gods voice clearly despite confirmation.  Maybe this was human error.  Stand, hang on, don't give up! God has an appointed timing.  It doesn't ever look like we thought it would, or come when we expect it to, Don't fear!  Because it always happens like HE SAID IT WOULD! 

When the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen quickly" Isaiah 60:22

Seasons of Miraculous in a Time of Impossibility