Seasons of Miraculous in a Time of Impossibility

This may be a little off calendar but i found it in my old Facebook posts and wanted to share.  

I was reading and meditating over the Christmas story.  It's something you learn to do in Practicum class when you are in Bible College.  Your professors encourage you to read over and over a passage and pull out every last drop of truth from a scripture.  And a few things began to stand out. 

At Christmas we have all these old christmas carols we sing, and every year new ones begin to pop up.  I'm not talking about the "We wish You a Merry Christmas" or "Frosty the Snowman" kind.  Oh I love those, don't get me wrong.  I'm taking about the clearly Religious in theme.  That talk about the birth of Jesus as the true meaning of Christmas.  We have all heard the songs that portray the moment that Mary learns she is pregnant as a joyous event.  But from everything we have learned, we know this is indeed not the case.  In the Jewish culture, this was not a joyous event but a shameless moment that probably led to a myriad of emotions.   Jewish law stated that she should be stoned.  She knew this.  Even if Joseph, who had yet to be  clued in to the goings on of the Holy Spirit, chose to marry her and claim the baby as his, a cloud of gossip and shame would hang over them throughout the community. 

When the Angel visited Mary and gave her the joyous news, her response was "Let it be as you have said" (Luke 1:38).  Now one thing I know regarding prophetic words and messages, is that God always gives us a choice. Just as He gave Mary a choice. She could have said no thank you.  I'm getting married and have my whole life ahead of me.  but she chose the path God had laid out for her and trusted the plan he had for her life.  The next scripture in Luke tells us that she wasted no time in packing her things and heading to her cousin Elizabeth's house.  What it doesn't tell us is the human thoughts and emotions that tore thru Mary from the moment the angel left her until she made it to Elizabeth.  Because once the excitement, awe and glory of an angelic visitation was gone Mary was left alone with her very human, very female thoughts and fears.  I imagine that as the shining light of the angel we see in our Bible picture books began to fade, Mary realized she had a dozen questions she hadn't asked.  That even as she hurriedly made the necessary arrangements to travel to Elizabeth, fear crept in.  Trepidation of what was truly to come. Would Joseph divorce her? Would She be drug to village square and stoned? What would others say?  And then the cart he was riding in pulled up to Elizabeth's house.  The door flung open and there stood her once barren cousin, well past the age of possible pregnancy, swollen with child.  An miraculous moment, in a time of impossibility, and she was reminded that God had not chosen her for harm, but for good,  That what God had planned was reason to rejoice despite the circumstances that surrounded her.  That no matter what it looked like right now, she had reason to rejoice because she had been chosen, because God is faithful and what He says He will do, He will do!

Waiting For My Miracle