January, Getting Healthy and Recovering from the Holidays...

It was the first week of January when I started writing this post and like most people it’s time to get healthy.  Not just because it’s the thing to do or because I over indulged during the holidays.  I had surgery in May and have put on close to 15lbs.  It amazes me how quickly you can gain when your mobility is limited.  But it happens and now is the time to do something about it.  

So here’s the transparency... I’m 5’5” and weigh 250lbs.  I’m allergic to Dairy, Gluten Intolerant and suffer from Acid Reflux.  You would think this would make dieting easy but it’s quite frankly extremely difficult to stay away from this stuff no matter how sick it makes me! I mean cheese is life! And have you had my cinnamon rolls? It's ok if you haven't, I'll be posting the recipe on my recipe page someday soon.  And then you'll understand the struggle. :) 

   I do pretty well, avoiding gluten, but then I have to eat out and there’s no options or I get something accidentally. I can't tell you how many tears have been shed over meals in restaurants because I can't eat another hamburger patty. And we travel a lot, I spent two nights this week in different hotels.  It's just hard.  

And that my friends is real life for those of us who say we are busy and actually mean it.  I run a business, homeschool my four teenagers, manage three websites, and work as a personal assistant.  It's a good day when I don't fall asleep on the couch.  

It also doesn't help that I happen to have the metabolism of a water buffalo.  So what can us real girls do to fix it.  Extreme Diets work,  they do.  I've done them,  The Zone, Vegan, Low Glycemic, Whole 30,  Keto lasted 48 hours.  And not because i couldn't stick to it,  Because I became completely overwhelmed with what I could and couldn't eat and it was just too much.  But feeding a family of six, working around our different food restrictions, its hard and Pizza is good.  So now 21 days in to January, here is what I am doing, and what seems to be working

Daily Dose of Liv-On Lypo-Spheric R-ALA  - It's supposed to help with help with poor insulin sensitivity.  This is someone a close friend mentioned to me, and so I'm giving this a shot.  You squeeze the beige slime into the provided shot glass along with water and throw it back.  If you are great at throwing back shots this is great.  If you're like me and not a drinker, well my kids are quite entertained by the gagging if I put too much water or get a taste of the slimy mixture.  The stuff tastes disgusting, but what I have noticed is that I have more energy, after three days so we will see.

FIT TEA -  This stuff is supposed to help you lose weight.  I don't know if it does but a cup a day keeps things moving, and doesn't make me feel like i;m dying of intestinal flu.  It tastes good, can be drunk either hot or cold.  

DIET - Well I started out Whole 30, but I was actually stranded for two days due to the California mudslides and then there was this surprise trip to Disneyland.  But I have stuck with it for the most part.  On days I can't, I stick as close as possible, but for the most part, I am making sure my meals consist of lean protein, good fat, and lots of veggies.  Also, three servings of fruit.   This also means giving up my Coca Cola Habit, and drinking water and tea.

Results thus far -  I am down 7 lbs.  I'm pretty sure the 5 miles of Disneyland Walking didn't hurt this number.  My clothes are loosing.   For me this is progress.  It's a small victory.  But I will take it. I refuse to beat myself of for the miss steps, days I can't get a 2 miles walk in and when life just happens.  I'm going to celebrate the small victories and not give up because one meal is screwed up.  These are no longer the days of I'll start tomorrow, so pass me the cookies.  

I hope if you're reading this and struggling with weight, dieting or just healthier living you see that it's ok.  Keep working on it, step by step.  Little changes are easier to maintain.  Fight each small battle as you go, and pretty soon the big battles won't seem so big.  Don't try to give up smoking, sugar, carbs, and alcohol, then start taking cross fit classes when you haven't exercised in months.  It's only setting yourself up for failure.  Baby steps, and we will get there together.  


Vitamins by Liv on Labs