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Welcome to Bri
Bri Austen is a Christian singer/songwriter.  Bri was born and raised in Seattle, and has been singing since the age of 3.  With a mic in her hand every chance she got, Bri grew up singing southern gospel music with her family and began competing in talent competitions at the age of 8, leading worship by 17, and writing songs at age 20.  

A single mom, domestic violence survivor, and a full time college student, Bri is determined not to let the dark side of life drag her down. Instead focusing on her faith and her relationship with God, she has pushed through the negativity of life, and emerged victorious through the grace and restoration of Jesus.  

Sharing her faith through music, it is Bri's desire to let others know that no matter what has happened you are never alone, Jesus loves you and He is always there.  Where ever you are heading in your life, it takes FAITH, not fear to get you there.